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Airway Vista is hosted by the Clinical Research Center for Chronic Obstructive Airway Diseases that has been supported by the Asan Medical Center, Seoul and by the Ministry of Health & Welfare, South Korea. Since 2008, we have successfully held the Airway Vista annually which had more than fifteen speakers and audience of approximately three hundreds. The scientific program of the symposium includes the most significant advances in the researches of chronic airway diseases, COPD and asthma. We are contacting several world-renowned speakers, who are leading researchers in the field of COPD and asthma in the world. The participants of the Symposium will be given the opportunity to share cutting-edge knowledge in chronic obstructive airway diseases. In the symposium, new horizons in the understanding of chronic obstructive airway diseases, COPD and asthma, will be expanding especially for pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of COPD and Asthma.
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ANOLD Introduction


Airway Vista is hosted by the clinical research center for chronic obstructive airway diseases that has been supported by the asan medical center, seoul and by the ministry of health & welfare, south korea. since 2008, we have successfully held the airway vista annually which had more than twenty-five speakers and audience of approximately five hundreds.

This academic occasion aims to provide respiratory professionals with new horizons in understanding chronic obstructive airway diseases, COPD and asthma. It is our belief that it assures to be a premier forum for generating thought-provoking discussion on pathogenesis, evaluation, imaging, systemic aspects, exacerbation, heterogeneity, and new treatments of the ailment.

ANOLD Program Overview

March 27 [SAT]
09:00-09:05 Welcome message
09:05-09:10 Congratulatory Message
09:10-10:50 Plenary1 : When Epidemiology and Image Meet Real-world Practice (English) : Yeon-Mok Oh
09:10-09:35 Pierre Ernst : Adverse Effect of Bronchodilator Medication in COPD&Asthma
09:35-10:00 Pierre Ernst : Pitfalls in observational pharmaco-epidemiology: The example of beta-blockers in COPD
10:00-10:25 Eric Hoffman : Differentiation of Severe and Non-Severe Asthma via Quantitative Computed Tomography
10:25-10:50 Eric Hoffman : Role of Sildenafil in Lowering Lung Inflammation During Smoking Cessation: A multispectral CT assessment of lung anatomy and perfused blood volume
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11:00-12:40 Plenary 2 : New Area of Personalized Medicine in Airway Diseases (English) : Ki-Suck Jung
11:00-11:25 Craig Hersh : New genomic era in Airway Disease: Asthma-COPD Overlap
11:25-11:50 Craig Hersh : Omics and the search for Blood Biomarkers in COPD - Clinical Subtypes of COPD
11:50-12:15 Monica Kraft : Biomarkers for the phenotypes and endotypes of severe asthma
12:15-12:40 Monica Kraft : Microbiome in Mechanisms of Asthma
12:40-13:40 Luncheon Session by GSK: Do we know what to consider for optimal COPD treatment : Paul Jones
13:40-15:20 Airway Disease Research and Control Programs in Asia (English) : Tae-Bum Kim
13:40-14:05 Naoki Hasegawa : Bronchiectasis and Pulmonary NTM in Japan
14:05-14:30 Ching-Hsiung Lin : COPD Control Program in Taiwan
14:30-14:55 Hui Fang Lim : National Asthma Program-2 in Singapore
14:55-15:20 Joon Beom Seo : Recent update in quantitative imaging of airway disease
15:20-15:30 Visit Exhibitors
15:30-16:45 Molecular pathobiology and treatable traits in airway diseases (English) : Jung-Hyun Chang
15:30-15:55 Woo Jin Kim : Environmental influence and epigenetic alterations in COPD
15:55-16:20 Ratko Djukanovic : Targeting treatable traits in airway diseases
16:20-16:45 Ratko Djukanovic : Molecular fingerprinting in asthma
March 28 [SUN]
09:00-10:40 Etiology and assessment of COPD beyond cigarette smoking or lung function (English) : Sei-Won Lee
09:00-09:25 Nadia Hansel : The effects of indoor air pollution on COPD
09:25-09:50 Nadia Hansel : Non-tobacco exposures and COPD: Do other exposures add additional risk?
09:50-10:00 Visit Exhibitors
10:00-11:45 Panel Discussion: Hot Topics on Guidelines in COPD&Asthma (English)
10:00-10:35 Chin Kook Rhee : Hot topics on early COPD in COPD guideline
10:35-11:10 Yeon-Mok Oh : Roles of dual and triple therapies in COPD management - GOLD 2021 update and more
11:10-11:45 Tae-Bum Kim: Current issues on the treatment of mild asthma
11:45-12:45 Luncheon Session by Novartis: A new comprehensive approach to address key unmet needs in asthma : Don Banerji
12:45-14:25 Basic and Special Management in COPD (Korean) : Kyeong-Cheol Shin
12:45-13:10 Bo Young Lee : Smoking and non-smoking COPD: what is common and different?
13:10-13:35 Il-Young Jang : Beyond pulmonary function: the importance of sarcopenia and frailty in elderly airway diseases
13:35-14:00 Hyun Lee : When bronchiectasis meets airway diseases: what should physician consider?
14:00-14:25 Hyeon Hui Kang : Not just daytime: the impact of sleep quality on the COPD management
14:25-14:35 Visit Exhibitors
14:35-16:15 Principles and Applications in Asthma Management (Korean) : You Sook Cho
14:35-15:00 Su Jeong Kim : Anti-inflammatory reliever in asthma management
15:00-15:25 Min-Suk Yang : Pharmacological management of non-eosinophilic asthma
15:25-15:50 Min Hye Kim : Severe asthma: what are current issues in Korea?
15:50-16:15 Chan Sun Park : Updates in biologics for severe asthma
16:15-16:20 Closing

ANOLD Speaker

Pierre Ernst
M.D., M.Sc., F.R.C.P. (c), Professor of Medicine, McGill University
Monica Kraft
University of Arizona Health Sciences
Eric Hoffman
Professor of Radiology, Medicine and Biomedical Engineering, University of Iowa
Craig P. Hersh
Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Ratko Djukanovic
The University of Southampton
Nadia Hansel
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Naoki Hasegawa
Department of Infectious Diseases, Keio University School of Medicine
Hui Fang Lim
Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, National University of Singapore
Ching-Hsiung Lin
Changhua Christian Hospital
Joon Beom Seo
Asan Medical Center
Yeon-Mok Oh
Asan Medical Center
Tae-Bum Kim
Asan Medical Center
Woo Jin Kim
Kangwon National University Hospital
Chin Kook Rhee
Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital
Min-Suk Yang
Seoul National University Hospital
Min-Hye Kim
Ewha Womans University School of Medicine and Medical Center
Hyun Lee
Hanyang University Hospital
Su Jeong Kim
Kyungpook National University Hospital
Chan Sun Park
Haeundae Paik Hospital
Hyeon Hui Kang
Ulsan University Hospital
Bo young Lee
Soonchunhyang university hospital
Il-Young Jang
Asan Medical Center