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COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) has high prevalence and mortality rate:

· The prevalence rate of COPD in Korea is 17.2% of those aged 45 or older.
· The COPD mortality rate in Korea is 15 people per hundred thousand patients with chronic lower respiratory diseases.
· The death rate of COPD is predicted to rise, becoming the 3rd major cause of death in the year 2020, from 6th in 1990.



Supporting academic and clinical research relating to OLD.

Reducing the socioeconomic burden on OLD patients and contributing to the improvement of
the public health by investigating pathophysiology and appropriate treatments of OLD.


Holding conferences and holding academic lectures related to OLD

Holding lectures and conferences and participating in conferences, both domestically and abroad,
in order to promote efficient research domestically and share the latest relevant research results.


Publication of OLD journals

We publish a variety of papers in medical magazines which contribute to the latest research
results for appropriate OLD prevention and treatment methods.


Education and promotion of OLD efforts.

Education: Education of domestic medical staff and research nurses through lectures and
internationalacademic conferences.Promotion: holding informational lectures for the public
to provide people with information related to early treatment and prevention.


Supporting the research activities of ANOLD
(Asian Network for Obstructive Lung Disease)
to encourage active Asian collaboration.

Based on its collaborative research network, ANOLD will be the hub of OLD research done in Asia.
This will increase the stature of Korean medical professionals


Supporting the OLD Triome Bank.

The OLD Triome Bank is a bank of etiome, phenome, and genome for OLD. In the Bank, clinical
information, image, biological data, and the DNA genes of each OLD patient are deposited,
processed as a systematic database, and are withdrawn by the researchers, who perform various
researches using the systematic data